Kollector Reference Guide



Collector Terminology

As in any collecting sub-culture, there is a specialized language of common terms and abbreviations used by those who avidly collect Kelly dolls. Many of these terms are common within in the Barbie doll collecting community, while others are specific to Kelly doll collecting alone. You will find many of these terms used throughout this guide. It will help you understand what many of the abbreviations and terms are by reviewing this helpful list.

Term  /  Definition
A/K/A  -  Also known as, same doll with a different name in foreign markets (Susie, Maura, Tamera, Tabitha, etc.), see Sybil

AA or A/A  -  African American

AP  -  Amusement Park Kelly Club series of Dolls

Amazon  -  6" Kelly dolls released for a short time in 2006. They are larger than normal Kellys, hence the nickname "amazon".

Bendies or Bendy Leg  -  legs which are jointed at the knee

Bottle Mouth  -  early dolls which have a hole in their mouth for a bottle or pacifier

CE or C/E  -  Collector Edition

Closed Mouth or Mackie-esque Facemold  -  Lips that are fully closed similar to Barbie Mackie headmold

Deboxed or Loosie  -  removed from box

DOTW  -  Dolls of the World

FA  -  Fashion Avenue

FF  -  Fashion Favorites

Flailing Arms  -  arms on Shoppin' Fun Kelly and others which are jointed at the shoulder

Flat Arm Syndrome  -  a defect discovered on Cuddly Soft dolls

Halloweenies  -  Target Exclusive Halloween series of LFoK dolls

HTF  -  Hard to Find

Jiggie  -  in reference to body, legs, or arms that are articulated or interactive in some manner

K  -  a letter easily and kommonly substituted for "c" words by Kelly krazed kollectors

KC  -  Kelly Club, Mattel series of dolls

KK  -  KellyKlub, Yahoo! Groups Online Klub for Kelly fanatics

LE  -  Limited Edition

Lemonhead or LH  -  Name given to redesigned Kelly and LFoK head and body mold in 2003 that was short-lived and not well received by collectors.

LFoK  -  Li'l Friends of Kelly

Loosie or Deboxed  -  removed from box

LRRH  -  Little Red Riding Hood

MIB  -  Mint in Box (may have been removed)

MNRFB  -  Mint Never Removed from Box

MOC  -  Mint on Card

NIB  -  New in Box

NRFB  -  Never Removed from Box

Olys or Olies  -  Olympic Kelly Club series set of dolls

OOAK  -  One of a Kind or customized dolls

Royals  -  Kelly Club series set of Princess, Prince, Jester, and Wizard dolls

SE  -  Special Edition

Shelly  -  European Kelly dolls

Sybil or a/k/a  -  same doll with a different name in foreign markets (Susie, Maura, Tamera, Tabitha, etc.)

Toothy Smile  -  standard facemold where the teeth are not painted over with lip color

TRU  -  Toys 'R Us

VHTF  -  Very Hard to Find

Waffle Butt  -  The cross-hatch molded panties found on dolls from 2002 and newer; first started with the Rapunzel dolls

Wandering Eyes Syndrome  -  The inconsistent painting of the pupils of the eyes where some eyes look straight ahead, sideways, up, or crossed.

WDW  -  Walt Disney World

WOZ  -  Wizard of Oz