News Overview 2013

Welcome to the NEWS portion of LilFriends. I will try to add information as fast as it comes to my attention, so feel free to email me with any scoops or new tidbits regarding Chelsea, Kelly and friends, as well as clones or similar but discreet product lines like S.I.S. sets or Ty Lil Ones.

The faster I get the info, the faster I can share it with the rest of the world. Much thanks to all those who forward information as well as photos and stock numbers. I couldn't make this happen without your help.

2013 new updates!

NEWS: 11-12-2013: Holiday Chelseas at Target and advance sets for 2014: Safari
NEWS: 10-28-2013: K-Mart Sisters' Fishin Fun Giftset & 2 New Pink Shoes Target Dolls
NEWS: 9-15-2013: Sam's Club Pony Tale Sisters Deluxe Stable Giftset
NEWS: 9-12-2013: Target Halloween Chelsea dolls
NEWS: 9-10-2013: I Can Be Teacher & Sisters' Bike for Two Re-releases
NEWS: 9-7-2013: Barbie in a Pony Tale: 4 Pony set: Sisters' Horse Adventure
NEWS: 9-7-2013: I Can Be Barbie: SeaWorld Antarctica Penguin Fun
NEWS: 9-7-2013: I Can Be Barbie: Gymnastics Teacher
NEWS: 8-25-2013: Barbie in a Pony Tale
NEWS: 8-25-2013: Pet Fun & Hair Fun S.I.S.

Older news: 2013

NEWS: 2-25-2013: Valentine's Day and Easter Chelseas

NEWS: 1-13-2013: Belated photos of Target Xmas Chelseas
NEWS: 1-13-2013: In the Pink Shoes Ballerina Chelsea
NEWS: 1-13-2013: 2012 Perfect Christmas Giftset and Sisters Fun Photo
NEWS: 1-13-2013: Amusement Park Chelsea and friends