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The Rosebud Dolls

In 1985 Mattel used the face and body molds from 1977's Pink Heather Rose and Baby Darling Rose dolls to make the Heart Family children dolls.

On the left is Baby Darling Rose, on the right is the Heart Family son.

In a way you could consider the Rosebud dolls to be Kelly's great-grandparents. Appropriately named, they were charming and elegant, and the first release were named after strains of miniature rose bushes. There were very few Rosebud dolls in the lineup, only 10 dolls in all. The six dolls released in 1977 and one of the 1978 dolls are all 4 1/2" tall while the 3 remaining dolls released in 1978 are 7" tall.

Lavender Lace Rose #9787 came out in 1977 and came with a covered stroller.

Baby Darling Rose #9783
Baby Gold Star Rose #9784
Scarlet Gem Rose #9785

Baby White Star Rose #9789 came out in 1977 and came with a rocking chair, nightstand and ornate cradle.

Pink Heather Rose #9786 came out in 1977 and came with a ornate cradle.

Baby Bettina #2349 came out in 1978 and was one of the 2 African-American dolls in the series. She is 4 1/2"

1978 Marissa #2214(7")
1978 Silvie #2213(7")
1978 Stella #2466(7")