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Li'l Friends of Kelly Deboxed and Close-up

This picture review features the Li'l Friends of Kelly doll deboxed and close-up in various groupings of from solo or singly boxed dolls all the way to duos, trios, quads and 5-packs. I do make a distinction between 4 Li'l friend dolls and 4 sister dolls (ie; Barbie, Skipper, Stacie & Kelly).

This gallery includes the original Li'l Friends of Kelly, Kelly Club, special editions, and holiday sets. Foreign versions are included if they were only released in foreign markets. Sets are listed chronologically in order of appearance. The years listed are primarily the copyright years found on the boxes.

Single LFoK(mostly solo boxes)
Single LFoK with a horse/elephant/pegasus/furniture etc
LFoK Duos
LFoK Trios
LFoK Four-Packs
LFoK Five-Packs
Barbie + 1 LFoK
Barbie + 2 LFoK
Barbie + 3 LFoK
Ken + Tommy
Family Set of 3
Family Set of 4