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Li'l Friends of Kelly Deboxed and Close-up

This picture review features the single-box Li'l Friends of Kelly doll deboxed and close-up. This includes the original Li'l Friends of Kelly, Kelly Club, special editions, and holiday sets. Foreign versions are included if they were only released in foreign markets. Sets are listed chronologically in order of appearance. The years listed are the copyright years found on the boxes.

1995 LFoK
1996 LFoK
1997 LFoK (A)
1997 LFoK (B)
1997 LFoK (C)
1998 Adventures with LFoK (A)
1998 Adventures with LFoK (B)
1998 Adventures with LFoK (C)
1999 Kelly Club-Occupations
1999 Kelly Club-Sports
1999 Kelly Club-Royalty
1999 Kelly Club-Wizard of Oz
2000 Kelly Club (A)
2000 Kelly Club (B)
2000 Kelly Club Halloween Party (Target Exclusive)
1998-2000 Kelly Club Foreign Releases
2000 Kelly Club Amusement Park
2000 Kelly Club Circus
2000 Kelly Club Easterrific
2001 Kelly Club BB in the Nutcracker
2001 Kelly Club Halloween Party
2001 Kelly Club Holiday A
2001 Kelly Club Olympics
2001 Kelly Club My Li'l Valentine
2001 Kelly Club Birthday Party
2001 Kelly Club Party
2001 Kelly Club Lots of Secrets
2001 Kelly Club Easter Eggies
2001 Kelly Club Fluffytail Kellys
2001 Kelly Club Career Day
2001 Kelly Club Garden
2001 Kelly Club Barbie as Rapunzel
2001 Kelly Club Holiday B
2002 Kelly Club Halloween Party (Target Exclusive)
2002 Kelly Club All Grown Up
2002 Kelly Club Birthday Party
2002 Kelly Club Li'l Heart (Target Exclusive)
2002 Kelly Club Cute As a Bunny
2002 Kelly Club Easter Garden (Target Exclusive)
2002 Kelly Club Barnum's Animal Crackers
2002 Kelly Club Playtime
2002 Kelly Club Dream Club
2003 Kelly Club Red White & Cute (Walmart)
2003 Kelly Club Barbie in Swan Lake
2003 Kelly Club Holiday
2003 Kelly Club Halloween Party (Target)
2003 Kelly Club Colors
2003 Kelly Club Seasons
2003 Kelly Club Pet Pals
2003 Kelly Club Happy Birthday Tea Party (LH)
2003 Kelly Club Happy Birthday Tea Party (Classic)
2003 The Flintstones
2003 Sweetsville(LH)
2003 Barbie Fairy Tale Collection
2003 Scooby Doo
2003 Valentine Darlings (Target)(LH)
2003 Kelly Club Sun Fun (LH)
2003 Kelly Club Sun Fun (Classic)
2003 Hoppy Spring (Target)(LH)
2003 Easter Tweets (LH)
2004 Princess Collection/Fantasy Tales
2004 Barbie in Princess & the Pauper
2004 Kelly Club Halloween Party (Target)
2004 Kelly Club Holiday (Target)
2004 Kelly Club Fruitastic
2004 Kelly Club Thanksgiving
2004 Kelly Club Pajama Fun
2004 Kelly Club Sunny Day
2004 Kelly Club Hearts n Kisses (Target)
2004 Easter Party(Target)
2004 Easter Sweetie
2005 Kelly Club Birthday Party
2005 Halloween Party (Target)
2005 Holiday Party (Target)
2005 Barbie in Rapunzel's Wedding
2005 Hugs n Hearts (Target)
2005 Kelly Club Royals
2005 Kelly Club Splash
2005 Spring Cutie (Target)
2005 Kelly Club Arts
2005 Kelly Club Fun
2005 Kelly Cinderella (Euro)
2006 Pajama Party Singles
2006 Holiday Party Singles
2006 Halloween Party (Target)
2006 Birthday Party Singles
2006/2007 Masquerade (1st & 2nd release)
2006 Li'l Cupid (Target)
2006 Easter Party (Target)
2006 Euro Princesses
2006 Ballet Lessons
2007 Sunflower Park (NN)
2007 Let's Go(NN)
2007 It's My Birthday(NN)
2007 Princesses with Pets (Euro)
2007 Sea Pixies (Euro)(NN)
2007 Luv Buzz (Target)(NN)
2007 Happy Holiday (Target)(NN)
2007 Halloween Party (Target)(NN)
2006/2007 Masquerade (1st & 2nd release)
2007 Cyprus Trio (Foreign)(NN)
2008 Princess w/Pets(Euro)
2008 Mini Luv Goddesses (Target)(LL)
2008 Easter is Tutu Fun (Target)(NN)
2008 Easter Sweetie (Target)
2008 Trick or Treat (Target)(LL)
2008 Happy Holidays (Target)(LL)
2008 Occupations (Euro)
2008 I Can Be Sports Bunch Singles
2008 I Can Be Career Bunch Singles
2008 School Theme (Euro)
2008 Kelly in India (India)
2009 Career Singles (Euro)
2009 Merry Monsters (Target)(LL)
2009 Holiday (Target)(LL)