Welcome to the gallery-2006 !

The 12 dancing princess Kelly dolls had bell shaped bodies that spun like a top.
Amazon Kelly dolls are 6" tall and came in 5 different sets.

The flower girl bouquet dolls were a unique toy. When you lifted a ring on the bouquet, a removable Kelly doll popped up. When you lowered the ring, the doll retracted. Apart from the Dolly Parton hair, these were a cute gimmick.

The Masquerade dolls changed between the first and second releases. The 2nd release is easily recognized by the ponytail logo on the boxes and a lot more glitter on the gowns. The 2006 earlier version has a gold crown logo on the box.

The 2nd release dolls hold a cardboard mask. The face paint is similar, but there are slight differences between the versions.

The gowns on the 2nd release match exactly in style, print and glittery fabric to Princess Barbie dolls being released at the same time.

Along with the second set of Munchkins, a special holiday set was released including Glinda, the Wicked Witch and a remake of Lullaby munchkin.