Kelly's Closet

Welcome to Kelly's Closet, her overflowing collection of clothes. Kelly and friends will model all the fashions made by Mattel, some cool custom-made fashions, and those clothing items swiped from other dolls.

This corner of Kelly's Closet features our li'l gal sneaking off with outfits from a wide range of dolls, from dollar store kids like the Zodiacs, or World Kids, to Jodi, Evie, Paula, and Ty's Lil Ones. She grabs from Our Generation minis and snitches from Strawberry Shortcake. If it fits, she will take it!

Kelly swaps with:
- from World Kids
- from Paula Dolls
- from Jodi
- from Ty Li'l Ones
- from Evie
- from Misc. Clone Dolls
- from Lil Bratz Dolls
- from Only Hearts Dolls
- from Our Generation Minis
- from Disney Princesses
- from Brittany Spears
- from Strawberry Shortcake
- from McD's Mme Alexander Dolls
- from Living Dead Dolls