World Kids Clone Dolls

These are the World Kids sold at KB Toys, in the dollar bins, bargain aisles and dollar stores. They emulate the dolls of the world in their charm and their costumes, sometimes emulating so well they duplicate the Barbie Dolls of the World costumes. You can see some of the dolls side-by-side with their Barbie counterparts at the bottom of this page.

They cost $1 to $3 and you do get what you pay for. The KB Toys dolls were much more preferable in my opinion as the dolls were solid, better-made and seemed to be a 1st generation knock-off rather than a 2nd or 3rd generation knock-off.

Of the least quality are the Target bargain bin and Kool Toyz dolls. The price point is lower on these, and it is obvious in their quality as compared to the KB versions of the same dolls. The dolls face paint is similar, but their hair quality, styling and the quality of the costume workmanship fails further and further the cheaper you get. The fabrics are cheaper, the clothing is ill-sewn and shoes are cheaper as well, not even good enough for Kelly to steal imho.

See the World Kids from Dollar Tree or World Kids from KB Toys.

See the Multi-pack Kool Toyz set.

See the World Kids from Target.

See Kelly redressed in these outfits under Swapped Clothes in Kelly's Closet.

See delightful ooak creations of international dolls in Kellyklub's Li'l Dolls of the World contest last conducted in 2002.

The available countries differed slightly, and some of the countries had more than one outfit or had an outfit for a boy doll, and another for a girl doll.

You can see some of the KB Versions side-by-side with the Target dollar bin dolls in the middle of this page.

Some of the countries available are:
  • 1.China
  • 2.Japan
  • 3.Korea
  • 4.India
  • 5.Arabia
  • 6.Indiana/American Indian
  • 7.Hawaii
  • 8.Canada
  • 9.Chile
  • 10.Argentina
  • 11.Australia
  • 12.Spain
  • 13.Holland
  • 14.France
  • 15.England
  • 16.Italy
  • 17.Russia
  • 18.Denmark
  • 19.Norway
  • 20.Portugal
  • 21.Germany
  • 22.Austria
  • 23.Arctic/Iceland/Alaska
  • 24.Kenya/Africa/South Africa
  • 25.UK
  • 27.USA
  • 28.Mexico
  • 29.Scotland
  • 30.Malaysia
  • 31.Puerto Rico
  • 32.Netherlands
  • 33.Ireland