World Kids Dolls from KB Toys
These are the World Kids manufactured by DDI and sold at K-B toy Liquidators stores. They cost around $1.50 each and are perfect for the Kelly dolls' costume needs. A few of the ones pictured have been redressed onto Kelly dolls. Quite a few of the costumes match the Barbie Dolls of the World series costumes almost exactly.

Their bodies are almost identical to Kelly doll bodies, but have more anime based facial features and flat faces. The clothing is well-sewn (for a clone) and decent fabrics.

See the Li'l Kidz of the World from Dollar Tree or World Kids from Target's dollar bin.

See a side-by-side comparison between KB Toys' and Target's World Kids in the Overview section.

See the Multi-pack Kool Toyz set.

See Kelly redressed in these outfits under Swapped Clothes in Kelly's Closet.

See delightful ooak creations of international dolls in Kellyklub's Li'l Dolls of the World contest last conducted in 2002.

There are 24 countries in the set:

  • 1.China
  • 2.Japan
  • 3.Korea
  • 4.India
  • 5.Arabia
  • 6.Indiana
  • 7.Hawaii
  • 8.Canada
  • 9.Chile
  • 10.Argentina
  • 11.Australia
  • 12.Spain
  • 13.Holland (shown on a Kelly)
  • 14.France (shown on a Kelly)
  • 15.England
  • 16.Italy
  • 17.Russia
  • 18.Denmark
  • 19.Norway
  • 20.Portugal
  • 21.Germany
  • 22.Austria
  • 23.Arctic
  • 24.Kenya

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