World Kids Dolls from KB Toys

These are the World Kids sold at Dollar Tree. They cost around $1 for a 3-pack. The price point is lower on these, and it is obvious in their quality as compared to the KB versions of the same dolls. Quite a few of the costumes match the Barbie Dolls of the World series costumes almost exactly except they are cheaper, often ill-sewn versions.

Their bodies are similar to Kelly doll bodies, but have flat faces and a much lower quality. These dolls are not nearly as nice as the world kids from KB toys.

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There are six 3-packs that I know of, featuring the following countries:

  • 1.Mexico, Scotland & Japan
  • 2.Malaysia, Puerto Rico, & American Indian
  • 3.Netherlands, China & United States
  • 4.Australia, India, & Germany
  • 5.Alaska, France, & Italy
  • 6.Spain, Norway & Africa