If you are a purist, choosing ONLY Mattel's li'l darling, you are in the WRONG room of the Gallery.
They're not our true love, our one and (NOT) only li'l friend, but they have their own charm, their own value, and their own clothes which Kelly is just dying to steal! Send in your cutest, your cheapest, your best accessorized.....

Jodi Carousel Clones
Kelly swapped Carousel clones
Regina dolls
Seven Dwarfs
No-name Royals
No-name Westerns
Just Kidz
Real Friends
Dream Dazzler Jessica

While not clones in the strictest sense, these dolls are Kelly-sized and share all the fun of being a li'l one.

Also, they possess many garments and goodies Kelly covets.
Only Hearts dolls
Fancy Nancy
Living Dead dolls