TY's Li'l Ones Dolls

These are the TY Li'l Ones dolls and are very similar in quality and body mold/hair to Kelly dolls, but they are a tiny bit taller and just skinnier enough that the clothes do not fit well. These dolls sold at CVS and Walgreens stores as well as online at TY's website.

The clothes are well-sewn and the outfits are nice and a few of them will fit Kelly dolls albeit pretty tightly. The shoes are very difficult to get off and will not fit other dolls.

There 12 dolls in the original set. In the 2nd release Hello Kitty and Snoopy were addded. Recently a Hello Kitty Bunny doll and a Smurfs were added.

They come in a cute pink box with ribbon handle.

Awesome Abby
Awesome Ashley

Beautiful Bella
Beautiful Brianna

Hip Hannah
Marvelous Mariah

Oo-La-La Olivia
Preppy Paige

Pretty Peyton
Sweet Sophia

Sweet Sydney
Trendy Taylor

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Bunny