Fancy Nancy Sets

First are the Fancy Nancy sets sighted in 2010,
Each set contains a mini doll, furniture, and stickers etc to decorate the furniture. Cost seems to run around $20..

Recently at a Walmart I saw 2 new Fancy Nancy mini dolls. These are packaged as smaller craft activity sets since the dolls come with stickers, projects and fun things to do. The cost on these is only $10.

Each doll is 4 3/8" not counting the big bushy updo hair. They have bendy knees which adds to posability.

The doll that comes in the bedroom includes yellow slippers, but the other 3 dolls have delightful pink flowered ballet flats style shoes which WILL fit Kelly with a little effort.

There is a charming purple streak in the doll's hair. Nancy's clothes fit kelly, if a tiny bit long, and Kelly's clothes fit Nancy just fine. There are 4 doll sets in total and my personal favorite is the ballerina.