S.I.S. dolls
So In Style

In a 2009 African American lineup Mattel released the SIS dolls, 3 adults and 3 young friends. The girls have classic Kelly features and heads but with elongated torso, arms and legs.

The original lineup had 3 big sister/little sister sets featuring Courtney and her mentor Grace with a cheerleading theme,
Kianna and her mentor Kara with a musical theme, and Janessa and her mentor Trichelle with an artistic theme. Each girl
was also available in a single package with different outfits and hairstyles than in the big sister sets. Their faces
are classic Kelly-charming with Kianna from the sisters set being very reminescent of Playtime Nia with the puffball hair.

The sets were found at TRU and Walmart as well as Barbie Collectibles.

Subsequent editions include Locks of Looks and Stylin' Beads with lots of hair play, as well as releases of more singles including a boy named Julian.

2013 Releases include Mentoring pairs of Tennis Fun, Skating Fun, Pet Fun and Hair Fun.

Late 2014 brought the unfortunate news that the children's dolls in the line would be discontinued.

The dolls are 5 1/2" tall. There is a definite torso length difference that makes clothes swapping problematic, but not impossible.

The clothes are detailed and not as shoddy as a lot of the recent clothes seem to be. Their feet are the same as on classic Kelly so shoes are interchangeable.

It was sheer coincidence but the Kelly outfit I grabbed for swapping just happened to include the same fabric as is used on Janessa's jacket. The Kelly outfit is from Fruitastic Happy Apple. With the pants matching the jacket they make a nice capri style outfit.

Zahara singles

Jordan & Julian singles

SIS Janessa in a 2nd edition (released with jumprope Zahara and basketball Julian)

SIS Locks of Looks
Locks of Looks sets each came with hair extensions and lots of accessories.

Kara & Kianna

Grace & Courtney

Trichelle & Janessa

SIS Stylin' Beads
Stylin' Beads sets each came with lots of beads and hair accessories and featured the girls in great swimsuits.

Kara & Kianna

Grace & Courtney

Trichelle & Janessa

SIS Mentoring Fun
Mentoring Fun sets each came with lots of accessories and featured the girls in various activities.

Skating Fun
Kara & Kianna

Tennis Fun
Grace & Courtney

Pet Fun
Trichelle & Janessa

Hair Fun
Grace & Courtney