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Chelsea and sibling sets:

Not all sets that come with Chelsea are labeled as Chelsea but her longer-limbed body and older features are obvious.

Sisters Sleep Out (2011)
Sisters Skateboard (2011)

Sisters' Bike for Two (2011)(re-released in 2013 with purple and pink colors)

Sisters Train Taffy (2011)

Barbie, Chelsea & Tawny(2011)

Sisters' Slumber Party (Kohls Exclusive) (2011)

Chelsea Birthday Party (2011)

I Can Be Bride (2011)

A Perfect Christmas Giftset (Target Exclusive) (2011)

Sisters Go Camping Giftset (2011) with camper

Sisters Camp Out Giftset
(2012) with tent

Sisters' Beach Fun
Adventure Gift Set
(Sam's Club Exclusive) (2012)

Sisters Hula Dance (2012)
Pajama Fun (2012)

Barbie Loves Disney (2012)

Sisters' Fun Photos (2012)
Sisters' Fishing Fun (2013)

A Perfect Christmas 2012 version (2012)

Barbie in a Pony Tale Chelsea & Skipper (2013)

Sisters' Bike for Two (2013)(previously released in 2011 in shades of blue and hot pink)

Barbie in a Pony Tale Gala Gown Giftset (2013)

Barbie in a Pony Tale Sisters' Horse Adventure (2013)

I Can Be Gymnastics Teacher (2013)

I Can Be Bride #2(2013)

I Can Be SeaWorld Antarctica Penguin Fun (2013)

Barbie in a Pony Tale Sisters' Deluxe Stable Giftset(Sam's Club) (2013)

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse: The Amaze Chase: Surfing Fun (2013)

Sisters' Safari Fun(2014)

Sisters' Safari Tent(2014)

I Can Be Bride #3(2014)

Barbie Sisters' Candy Shop(2014)

2014 Kohl's Pinktastic Slumber Party

2014 Barbie and Chelsea Getting Ready for the Ball