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Several I can Be sets were also repackaged with Chelsea dolls instead of the previous Kelly dolls.
Not all sets that come with Chelsea are labeled as Chelsea but her longer-limbed body and older features are obvious.

This is I Can Be Ballet Teacher, the first crossover set from 2010. The doll included is named Kelly, but looks like Chelsie dolls.

I Can Be Dentist & AA Dentist(2011)

I Can Be Pediatric Doctor(2011)
I Can Be Babysitter (2011)

I Can Be Pancake Chef and Pancake Chef AA (2011)

I Can Be Teacher and Teacher AA (2011)

I Can Be Bride #1(2011)

I Can Be Teacher (2011)

I Can Be Cooking Teacher (2011)

I Can Be Sweet Chef (2011)

I Can Be Gymnastics Teacher (2013)

I Can Be Bride #2(2013)

I Can Be SeaWorld Antarctica Penguin Fun (2013)

I Can Be Bride #3(2014)