Boingo Cheerleading Camp:

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Boingo Cheerleading Camp!

36 kids came to play and while events took a lot longer to get started than was planned, fun was had and the poms were shaking!!! Due to unexpected internet problems as well as a medical crisis the pages weren't posted on time. A computer crash had the files lost for the longest time but were recently recovered. I've uploaded all the files for your enjoyment.

Cheerleading Camp:

Cheer Camp Orientation Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
Leaf Peepers: 1st Practice | 2nd Practice
Panthers: 1st Practice | 2nd Practice
Clovers: 1st Practice | 2nd Practice
Patriots: 1st Practice | 2nd Practice
Comets: 1st Practice | 2nd Practice
Wildcats: 1st Practice | 2nd Practice

Just click on the pictures to see full size photos of each squad.

Squad 1: Yellow & Orange
New England Leaf Peepers

  • Carol's boy Andy*
  • Carol's girl Linnea*
  • Fern's boy Terry*
  • Nicole's girl Jessica*
  • Erika's girl Melinda Iris*
  • Betsy's girl Jasmine*

Squad 2: Pink & Purple

  • Bonnie's girl Sheena
  • Nicole's boy Jerrard
  • Nicole's girl Heather
  • Chris C's boy Nolan
  • Chris S.'s girl Kelly
  • Carol's boy Drew

Squad 3: Blue & Gold

  • Chris H.'s girl Audrey
  • Kathy's girl Emma
  • Sheila's girl Desiree
  • Nancy's girl Bethany
  • Monica's girl Melinda
  • Wendy's girl Cassie

Squad 4: Green & White
Gig Harbor Clovers

  • Denise's girl Gabby
  • Cheryl E.'s girl Maysun
  • Kelly's girl Tisha
  • Chris H.'s girl Brenda
  • Margie's girl Phyllis
  • Margie's boy Adolph

Squad 5: Pink & Black

  • Rhonda's girl Buffy
  • Angie D.'s girl Lil Red
  • Karin's girl Trixie
  • Colleen's girl Maggie
  • Darlene's girl Lenis
  • April's girl Lori

Squad 6: Red, Silver & Blue

  • Chris C.'s girl Starla
  • Kimberlee's girl Adelaide
  • Sheryl S.'s girl Sherri
  • Colleen's girl Bridey
  • Jean's girl Connie
  • Jean's girl Cassie

Roster of Cheerleading Camp Parents:

  • Angie D.
  • April S.
  • Bonnie
  • Betsy
  • Carol Q.(3)
  • Cheryl E.
  • Chris C.(2)
  • Chris H.(2)
  • Chris S.
  • Colleen(2)
  • Darlene
  • Denise L.
  • Erika
  • Fern
  • Jean S.(2)
  • Karin
  • Kathy P.
  • Kelly S.
  • Kimberlee
  • Margie(2)
  • Monica W.
  • Nancy
  • Nicole(3)
  • Rhonda B.
  • Sheila W.
  • Sheryl S.
  • Wendy

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