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Amazons were short-lived and sadly, Mattel released no fashions or clothing sets for them, but luckily, OOAK artists and other dolls came to the rescue to give us some much-need variety.

Swapped Amazon Fashions
OOAK Amazon Fashions

Crochet Dress
by unknown crafter
Knit dress by
Karen Kolleth/KazKnitz
Crochet Dresses
by Unknown Crafter
Jumpsuit by
Karen Kolleth/KazKnitz

Pajamas by Karen Kolleth
Gown by
Paula Wisniewski
Li'l Lucky by
Maureen Gensler

Gown by Artist Unknown
Loanne Ostlie/Tabloach
OOAK boys by
Loanne Ostlie/Tabloach

OOAK Boy by
Loanne Ostlie/Tabloach
Gown by
Artist Unknown
Halloween Gal by
Artist Unknown

Strawberry Gal
by Artist Unknown
Swimming Fan by
Artist Unknown
Crochet gown by
Artist Unknown

OOAK Sari by

Lovely custom gowns

Lovely custom gowns