Welcome to the Li'l Friends of Kelly website,
a website for Kelly/Chelsea, Barbie's li'l sister, and all her li'l friends.

In Spring 2011 Mattel changed the name and style of Kelly, forever retiring the doll we have loved and collected for so long. I will continue to maintain the Kelly information, adding to its databases as often as I can as regards to deboxing info, closeups and ooaks. I will also do my best to add info on new Chelsea dolls as they are released.

It's now January 2015, and I have been managing this website for over 5 years and find it a bit dated. I am revamping it and changing some layouts, so look for big changes in the near future! All feedback is welcome, especially regarding the new look and navigation of the new links. Please be patient as I add and tweak the pages as fast as I can. There will be many links that do not click to anything yet as I lay the groundwork for the subpages on a continual basis. I will do my best to add something new every few days. Please feel free to email me with any comments or requests.

None of the dolls shown on any of these pages are for sale by me, but often can be found on ebay. Newer dolls can often be found at Amazon, Target, Walmart, or Kohls. Giftsets are often found at Sam's and Costco.